Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Look show

My Look show tickets arrived today! :) If you check the latest issue of Look it gives you a bit of info about what's happening at the show. Petra Nemcova will be modelling and Alexis Jordan playing. :)

Petra Nemcova in Google images

She is quite a stunner. I love the last picture particularly. When I first searched all I got was softcore porn pictures (she is a Victoria's Secret model) so I love to see her fresh and natural, it's much more believable and more sexy I think.


  1. hope you had a fab time at the look show!


  2. lucky! that sounds so exciting. have fun!!

    xoxo monika.

  3. had such a good time at the look show - did you enjoy it xxx

  4. you're so lucky to have gone!
    love alexis jordan xo

  5. She does look incredible sans a ton of makeup!


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