Monday, May 16, 2011

Matalan delivery sale

Matalan are doing a flash sale on delivery- it is only £1 until midnight on Wednesday (18th). These are a few of my favourites in Matalan at the moment. I'm a big sucker for dresses and I love the two above. They are £14 and £25 (l-r). The first dress with the delicate print would look good on petites. I love the white detailing at the top.

This bikini is so cute, it's £6 for the top and £5 for the bottoms, so you can mix and match your sizing.

These chinos (£12) will be great with printed tops, and the shorts (£12, £14), will look good with denim jackets and crochet vests. I can imagine wearing bright red lipstick and wavy hair with the navy shorts.

These shirts are £10 and £12. I love that burn orange colour, it makes me think of sunsets and feel the warm weather just by looking at it.


  1. love the LOVE tee!! :) matalan does great stuff at the min! xo

  2. Matalan do some lovely stuff at the moment, I live the cropped tees & dresses. Just need the weather to perk up again!

  3. I love Matalan, there's one right near me. Can't wait to get some stuff for summer from there

    Bhav x

  4. Great stuff :)))


  5. Ooh everything is lovely, especially that stripey tshirt! Can't believe it's al from matalan, will need to get in on this! xx

  6. really love that bikini xxxx

  7. This store is so adorable! Afraid that they don't ship to the US, do they?!
    xo Lynzy

  8. I love the chinos and the skorts


  9. Great stuff! I love those shirts!


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