Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weekend Web 8 - Leigh makes amazing illustrations (above) and has had her designs signed by none other than Lady Gaga herself, which are being sold on Etsy to raise money for the Save the Music foundations for musical education in schools. - If you live in London, check out the shop owned by two friends that sells beautiful vintage style accessories, stationary and enamel jewellery. (below) - I love lauralaura's knitwear- her slogan jumpers look so cosy and cute. - I'm linking here because I think it is a great tumblr, and I love her style but, as Tahti has said herself, some of her photos have been used as thinspiration which she does not condone, and neither do I. - If you haven't heard of this magazine, where have you been? In my opinion its the definitive online blog magazine, and it's fantastic quality. In this issue lots of my favourite bloggers are featured, including Dirty Hems.

I hope you enjoyed these links, and have a great weekend everybody! ♥


  1. Tumblr is a bit weird when it comes to "thinspiration" posts isn't it? I think I'm following a few blogs like that but only because some of the fashion and pictures are beautiful but I wonder if I should unfollow..

    love the links, have a great weekend!

    Bhav x

  2. thanks for the links - off to check them out now x

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous illustrations. I wish I could draw, damn it. x

  4. I'm having a $50 giveaway if you'd like to check it out. :)


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