Sunday, July 03, 2011

Weekend Web 9

Ayten Gasson lingerie - This vintage-style lace lingerie is so beautiful. The lace used is sourced from Nottingham from the lace makers to Diana, Princess of Wales. Their autumn range is on sale atm for a really reasonable price. - This post really inspired me, it takes classical paintings and creates outfits inspired by them. You can see more on the Modcloth blog here. - beautiful and creative fashion illustrations, as featured in Stylist magazine. - I love this site! It features DIY fashion which is easy and cheap to do which everyone can enjoy. - I spotted this cute new brand over at Lara's blog and I wanted to feature them in this post because their shoes in particular are so cute.

Miss Moss & Modcloth

Hope you enjoy the links! This weekend we've been spending a lot of time in IKEA and visiting our parents to get furniture for our new place! I will be sure to post 'before' and 'after pictures when we've decorated. :)

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  1. Hey!! That lingerie looks gorgeous, so vintage style and elegant! Love the way they've styled the model too!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! I find toner can sometimes help with open pores, I've been using the sanctuary one which claims to help with pores actually, and its decent! Its pictured on that particular blog post! Also use cold water on your face! Not sure if thats a myth but I like it anyway!

    S xx


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