Thursday, September 15, 2011

London Fashion Week: PPQ

I'm really excited to be attending London Fashion Week tomorrow. I won a pair of tickets to the PPQ show from InStyle magazine. InStyle were a pleasure to communicate with! I've had some experiences of dealing with other brands that haven't been so friendly and it really makes such a difference!

I will be in London tomorrow, live tweeting and blogging my thoughts. I'm also hoping to cover some Fashion Mavericks shows; N'Damus London and/or Anna Grzegorczyk.

I also definitely want to pop into Selfridges to see their Monki concession, time permitting (and while I'm there I may or may not be pretending I'm in Ab Fab).

I also found out today that I won tickets to the Look Show with Miss Selfridge (again, a pleasure to communicate with!) so I'll be really excited to attend that since I went last season (which you can read about in my two part post). I'm also looking forward to seeing all the bloggers I know who are going that I was too shy to say hi to at the last show. I'm quite apprehensive about Westfield Stratford City though, by the looks of things it seems huge and I think I'll be attending the Look Show on my own so I'm bound to get lost! So if you see me wandering around don't be afraid to say hi/point me in the right direction!

p.s. The new site WIWT launches today, my name is evemariadust on there if you want to check out my outfits! I think I might become addicted to the site once I get my iphone. Poppy who runs the site has a great sense of humour if you need another reason to visit!

p.p.s. Fingers crossed everything goes to plan!


  1. This sounds like so much fun! I've never been to a fashion show before, I'm sure it's awesome. Have an amazing time!

    <3 Alison

    p.s. how lucky are you that you won two separate contests? hahah

  2. This sounds amazing lucky you!!

    Come and enter my giveaway :)


  3. you got to go to ppq - aazing xxxxxxx


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