Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chanel and M and S

Chanel have just released their latest Kiera Knightly for Coco Mademoiselle tv ad/mini film. The tv ad is below, but you can find the full length clip on youtube. I actually prefer the shorter version much better, the long version takes a while to get into the story imo.

I love the new M&S! It represents classic, modern chic. It appeals to your fashion fantasies but manages to really capture the atmosphere of m&s you get when you shop in the store, which is tricky to do. The colours of the film make me happy. Plus, Michael Buble!

Which do I prefer? For me, Chanel inches out in front with its pastels and subtle highlights. Which do you prefer?

Friday, March 25, 2011

When the lights all go out

Have you guys seen ELLE's first ever TV ad? I love it. The music is perfect, the colours are perfect, and so is the font (font geek over here). You can watch the ad below. I think the ideas of playing with Elle as a suffix is a smart idea, but it throws me off every time when the words suddenly change to words that don't quite fit with the -elle suffix. I like the idea of the different celebs being paired with different words. It's showing that Elle can appeal to all sorts of women (cos if I'm honest, I was a little taken aback with their first Cheryl Cole cover). I only get to read Ellle when my mum buys it, but I love Gwen Stefani (I did a review of her Harajuku Girls perfume for this blog), so I hope my mum gets it this month so I can see what Gwen's been up to.

You can listen to the full length track 'Dressed in Dresden' by The Hundred in the Hands below.

What do you think of the ELLE advert? Do you like it when fashion magazines advertise on TV?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Changing Room Subterfuge

First things first: how cute is this vest!! It's from Primark. I'm not even a dog person but he won me over. I think it's the eyes and the hipster glasses and hat.

Beige dress from H&M. It was nice on the side but quite hideous from the front, unfortunately (you've gotta be honest with yourself ).

Denim zip dress from H&M. I love this dress! I bought it with my Look show discount. (I shouldn't have been spending money at all, but it was too lovely, and selling out fast.) And it had pockets!

Animal Peter Pan Dress from Peacocks. Really cute with the headband and plait, but made me look a bit chunky around the waist, strangely. I always wonder what the other people in the changing room+ assistants think when they hear the click of my phone camera.

I also want to say hello to all the new followers recently! And if you haven't checked out my giveaway, you can enter here. The closing date is the 31 March. :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Red lace dress: by budget

I love lace, and red was hot at awards shows this year. Here's my pick of the best for every budget.

Splurge: Erdem (left)

Spend: Marks and Spencer, £69 (right)

Save: George at Asda, £16

Erdem looks the nicest cut, but if I catch that asda one in store, you'll definitely be seeing me in it! :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

For Japan With Love

The earthquake and tsunami in Japan has been a terrible thing to happen to such a beautiful country and such amazing people. It was close to my heart because in school I listened to almost exclusively Japanese rock music. I studied the language for a year, ran a JRock radio show, and was part of the beginning of the emergence of jrock concerts in the UK.

This weekend is a somber weekend. Two big jrock bands who I've followed for a long time are playing in London on consecutive nights: Gilgamesh and Miyavi. The Jrock scene is very exclusive and those who listen to it almost never listen to other types of music. I expect London to be packed with those travelling across the country to see these musicians. Both have announced they will be collecting for the disaster. But how can you celebrate and have a good time when your country is in ruins? And what can we do to help?

For Japan With Love is a project to bring bloggers together to raise awareness of the disaster. It involves a day of silence, Friday, March 18th (this Friday). This involves not posting on that day in solidarity with other bloggers and the people in Japan. You can sign up here and add your blog to the project.


UK people can donate through the following charities:
Youtubers for Japan
British Red Cross
Global Giving

Lady Gaga has also produced a wristband which you can buy and all the proceeds go to Japan. For those in the UK it is £5 and you can buy it from her store here.

My thoughts and hopes are with the Japanese people and everyone affected by the disaster right now. x

Monday, March 14, 2011

LOOK show Part II !

Last week's issue of Look magazine (which was a special £1 price) was a bumper issue that had a number of full page spreads giving the models and outfits that were on the catwalk for us at the LOOK show. So for the full lowdown check out that issue of Look (and for 20% off New Look and £10 off Warehouse).
I've already talked about the experience of the reception and after party so I'm going to talk about the catwalk and outfits now. :)

The order of the day was:

Spring/Summer 2011 collections from:
New Look
Dorothy Perkins
Interval featuring special guest performance from Alexis Jordan
River Island
French Connection
The Look Curvy Supermodel winner announced




This jumpsuit was a stunner. The corsages were actually put on in addition to what appears to be an attatched belt. The dress itself is a plain purple, which you can view and buy here (£100).
How to wear: This outfit would look best on bigger ladies, with the large corsages being perfect against their shape. I think the colours would suit blondes best, and I would wear my hair loose and wavy, and feeling a bit 70s.


This is a jumpsuit from Warehouse. I thought the front was rather plan (scoop neck, keyhole front) but the back was quite unusual. It doesn't appear to be available to buy in online yet, but it retails at £160.
How to wear: I can see it worn on the beach with a wide brimmed straw hat and a cocktail. The white color makes it easy to glam up with some statement jewellery and heels. I think this would best suit tall ladies.

This rainbow maxi dress made such a statement on the catwalk. It is £100 from Warehouse and you can buy it now here.
How to wear: I think this dress would look great against very dark skin. It can be paired with gladiators and gold jewellery for a summer evening at a restaurant.

New Look

This look was really channeling Parisian chic. It seems perfect for the beach with the rope duffel bag, yet great for sightseeing and shopping in the casual t and flats. I can't get over how comfy those shorts look, but the scarf makes the whole ens amble look oh-so-stylish. You can shop all the items in this look here.
How to wear: I would wear this for a great day-to-night outfit when on holiday and nipping to a cafe for lunch. I might give it a little pop with some delicate orange stud earrings that sparkle in the sun.


I love the delicate almost-peasant yellow blouse. The blouse would also be great with bootcut jeans and wedges. With the trousers you could go minimalist and pair it with a pale blue loose t or a white bodysuit and cloth blazer.
How to wear: This look creates curves around the hips, so would be good on a boyish figure.


In this look you can see the scalloped detail on the blouse that is very popular for spring. In Look's photo the model looks really skinny but on the catwalk she was all curves, and the look certainly suits curves. Next always manages to nail style for the mature woman.
How to wear: This look would suit tanned or darker skin. The denim skirt shows off great legs, so I think this look would be perfect for an apple shape (big bust, slim legs).

Halfway through the show Alexis Jordan played, and I managed to record a bit of it here:

Alexis Jordan from Eve Maria on Vimeo.

Thanks again Look for a great show! You can watch the look show in its entirety below or at the Look website.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Weekend Web 3 - Photography that cannot fail to make you smile. I love the lighting and the use of colour. - I love these designs, and can't get enough of her tea illustrations. I seriously want one of her coin purses, they're so delicate! - A German fashion designer. I love her designs, they make amazing use of draping, look sharp and stylish and also look so comfortable to wear! They also look like they would suit most sizes which is always a plus. - Crash fashion history lesson in Alexander McQueen's runway shows. It's succinct and clear, and I learnt a lot. - This is such a heartwarming video. It's a collaberation between and Justin Wu, and features models lip-synching to 'Can't take my eyes off you'. The brighter side of modelling. :)

I hope you enjoyed these links, and have a little bit of inspiration for your weekend. The models' video really cheers you up when researching the darker side of modelling!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Spring/ Summer workwear

Workwear always gets me really excited. I think because I don't have to wear it everyday, it feels like dressing up and of course that's always fun! I'm excited about all the spring colours coming out- it can feel silly to wear a pale pink lace dress in November, so roll on the hot weather, I say! I've chosen my pick of the best in workwear/smart casual (you wouldn't want to wear most of these if you were meeting Alan Sugar tho!) I love these picks, they tick a number of trend boxes (brights, red, lace, pastel, sheer). I think the great thing about most these pieces is that they can be dressed up or down, so you can double them up for shopping or a spring picnic.



Miu Miu

River Island

River Island again


Dorothy Perkins



In other news:
1. Model Agency is on tonight. I'm enjoying it, but I find the ad breaks insanely irritating. It feels like it's only just got going and then an ad break. I think this is the risk with reality shows.
2. I'm seriously loving New Look atm. They have some gorgeous swimwear and a fab sale.
3. You've probably seen this already today, but it's such a good deal I thought I would let you guys know if you haven't seen: Groupon are running an ASOS deal, you buy a £20 ASOS voucher for £20 here. What's not to love?
4. Thank you everyone who has entered my giveaway so far! It's lovely to see so many entries! :) If you haven't checked it out yet, you can enter here.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Emma Watson for People Tree

Emma Watson launched her new collection for People Tree on Feb 28th for Fairtrade Fortnight (Feb 28th-March 13). People Tree aims to sell affordable fair trade organic clothing. Supporting fair trade produce is really important because it means that the workers can live and work in decent conditions, with food, shelter and water, and can support their families. The collection is often handmade and is made with 100% organic cotton.

Emma's new range features: "more dresses from silk gingham checks, florals, polka-dot handweaves to jersey wrap arounds. Relaxed styles come from playsuits, harems and kimono jersey shirts."

Personally I completely support buying fair trade. Fair trade chocolate is some of the best I've ever eaten, but it often tends to be pricer, so I buy it on special occasions. I wish there was more stores around willing to work with fair trade products, and I'm glad to see celebrities endorsing this. The more stores that stock fair trade, the more choice the consumers will have.

You can browse and buy Emma's range at People Tree here

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